Plastic Surgery The Meeting presentations by team members

Dr. Manraj Kaur and Dr. Lucas Gallo gave oral presentations of their work at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons – Plastic Surgery The Meeting in October 2022 in Boston, USA.

They presented research on several different Q-PROMs:

  • Oct 28; by Dr. Gallo – Impact of Completing FACE-Q Craniofacial Module Scales on Children and Young Adults with Facial Differences: An International Study
  • Oct 28; by Dr. Gallo – Patient factors associated with novel EAR-Q appearance, psychosocial and social scales: a cross-sectional study and regression analysis
  • Oct 29; by Dr. Kaur – Development of a new BREAST-Q module for breast implant illness (BII)
    • selected as one of the Top 200 (Tier 1) abstracts