Team member presentations at WPATH 2022

Presentation at Burns Association Annual Scientific Meeting

PROMs Summer School 2022

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Panel Presentation at 14th International Cleft Congress

Q-Portfolio Team Member Poster at PSRC 2022 Annual Meeting

LIMB-Q Kids team receives CORL grant

Grant awarded for development of “LIMB-Q ONC”

USPATH 2021 Presentations

Team Member earns NIHR Doctoral Fellowship and Clarendon Scholarship

PROMs Summer School 2021

Recordings of previous webinars are available here: https://prove.bwh.harvard.edu/2021-sessions/

Student Poster Presentation Award at ISOQOL 2019


NEPS Grant Article in the PSN


CIHR Foundation Grant

Plastic Surgery Foundation Award

The Diamond Awards

PRS Global Open Keynote


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Q-Portfolio Twitter Feed

Comparing Breast Sensation between Alloplastic and Autologous Breast Reconstruction Patients using the BREAST-Q Sen… https://t.co/IHbrm0NB8j
Resilience through practicing acceptance: A qualitative study of how patients cope with the psychosocial experience… https://t.co/MMDsX5jbEI
Patient-Level Factors Associated with Health-Related Quality of Life and Satisfaction with Body After Bariatric Sur… https://t.co/0c7dqA76Tz
BREAST-Q REACT: Clinical Reference Values for the BREAST-Q in Post-mastectomy Breast Reconstruction Patients https://t.co/P29rWUvj8e
Q-Portfolio team member Lucas Gallo @LucasGa34265852 is presenting an electronic poster at the PSRC 2022 Annual Meeting in Toronto: “Patient Reconstruction Factors Associated with A New Breast-Q Scale Measuring Cancer Worry: A Love Research Army Cross-sectional Study”