LIMB-Q Kids team receives CORL grant

Grant awarded for development of “LIMB-Q ONC”

USPATH 2021 Presentations

Team Member earns NIHR Doctoral Fellowship and Clarendon Scholarship

PROMs Summer School

Recordings of previous webinars are available here: https://prove.bwh.harvard.edu/2021-sessions/

Student Poster Presentation Award at ISOQOL 2019


NEPS Grant Article in the PSN


CIHR Foundation Grant

Plastic Surgery Foundation Award

The Diamond Awards

PRS Global Open Keynote


FDA Label Claims

Q-Portfolio Twitter Feed

General population normative scores for interpreting the BODY-Q https://t.co/BOdSHjBkfq
The impact of body mass index (BMI) on satisfaction with work life: An international BODY-Q study https://t.co/e5DtlibKjo
Establishing content validity of LIMB-Q Kids: a new patient-reported outcome measure for lower limb deformities https://t.co/H7nVptf2W5
Sun protection behaviour checklist for targeted counselling in skin cancer patients https://t.co/MmbkYisHk6
Qualitative study informing the development and content validity of the HAND-Q: a modular patient-reported outcome … https://t.co/4ZxB6fmQCo